Meet Boomfly

Hello you. Thanks for finding your way to us. We're Chris and Ange and we run Boomfly; Chris is the Boom and Ange is the fly! I'm sure your keen eye has noticed the music theme behind our brand and if you're wondering what that'a about, it's how we met.

Ange presented a breakfast show and Chris presented a drivetime show on the same large radio station so music is always our shared passion and how we met although that's a bigger story for a blog sometime! We wanted to create a brand that truly reflected us as people as well as a business so Boomfly was born.

By working with us, you’ll have a brand that you’re confident with and proud to show off to your customers. A website that not only impresses but converts users to customers and we’ll work together to put firm foundations in place ready for your next phase of growth. We can help with brands, websites, marketing, print, social media and graphic design.

We live in Somerset but work with clients from all over the world including all over the UK, Australia, France, Spain, Holland, and we haven't had an American-based client yet actually? Could that be you?!

Both from a corporate and agency background, we set up Boomfly with a passion for great design and communications. The words we use, the image we present and how we communicate your story to customers, both on and off line, is something we're truly passionate about.

Having spent five years communicating and building relationships with businesses and charities of Bristol and Somerset, we wanted to encourage businesses to communicate their offerings with real vision and clarity. We’ve worked with some amazing companies and agencies to develop and reinvigorate brands and marketing campaigns across our careers.

We’ve learnt from some of the best industry bodies in the country and top brand stylists (yes, that’s a thing!) and are always keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology so our customers are always leading from the front.

We also work with a variety of freelance sector experts so we will always have the right expertise on hand to guide you in the right direction. If you fancy a cuppa, do book in for a quick call, we'll bring have the biscuits ready.


Our Approach

As a small business ourselves, we understand the rollercoaster of emotions that come with running a business. We know that sometimes it feels like the best thing in the world (hello big money months!) and sometimes it feels the we need to find a "real" job super quick. We get it.

That's why we promise to fully understand your business before we work together, we promise to only undertake projects we know we can work great together with. If we aren't the right fit, that's ok, we can recommend some other great designers that may suit you better. that's just how we work. We know that by sticking to our values, we provide the very best service to our customers.

Our Values

Transparency - when you work with us, we will always tell you up front the cost, any ongoing fees, how we work, the timelines, everything you need to know to be fully informed.

Support small - in our experience, agencies can often forget about the small business when they start getting those big contracts in - that is not us. We are purposefully a micro agency. We believe all business owners, no matter the size should have the same opportunities. We believe you shouldn't have to pay sky high prices for working with professional, experienced consultants and you shouldn't be penalised for needing affordable payment plans.

NO BS - Basically, if you ask us a question, we'll tell you it how it is. Think of us as truth tellers who also have your back. We know what we're talking about and we'll make sure you do to.

Learning - One of our key values is to ensure we invest in training, reading and keeping up to date with the ever-changing digital world! Wether thats website development changes, social media trends, new marketing tactics or SEO, we ensure we take time each. month to "catch up" with what's going on.

Fun - If you don't enjoy running a business then why do it right? We ensure the office is always light, the biscuit tin is always full and the music always upbeat. As we are both ex-radio presenters, you know the playlists are good!

Equal - We treat everyone how we like to be treated. We are a safe space for anyone no matter your situation, background or ethnicity. You can approach us.